HiTauing Aquarium Gravel Cleaner, Automatic 24V DC Electric Gravel Vacuum Cleaner Siphon for Fish Tank/Aquarium, Strong Aquarium Water Changer Kit for Water Changing, Sand Washing, Droppings Cleaning

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HiTauing Automatic Vacuum Gravel Cleaner

Multi-function: Automatic water changer + sand washer + debris cleaning + water filter + water flow

Strong Suction: 24W high power enough to change water, suck out debris and fish waste out of aquarium quickly.

Extension Tube: You can choose the number of Extension Tube to suit the depth of the aquarium. ( Extension Tube Ɨ2)

Easy to assemble: Quick assemble in just few minutes.

Easy to use: Multi-function full electric automatic work.







Frosted handle

Equipped with frosted handles to provide a comfortable grip for your hands.

Fixed strap

Equipped with two straps to fix the wire on the extension tube for your convenience.

Oxford hose

Equipped with a 2m long high-quality Oxford hose to ensure the smooth flow of the water change.







Three-layer filter

Three-layer filter + filter cotton can filter out 99% of feces and impurities, you need to clean up frequently. Please note: the filter is easy to be blocked by impurities, which will cause the motor can not work properly, so you need to clean or replace the filter cotton frequently!

Waterproof pure copper motor

Equipped with 24w high-power pure copper motor, providing strong suction to ensure sand washing and water change, please note that the motor must be completely submerged in water before starting.

Multi-scene application

The fully automatic electric aquarium gravel cleaner can provide great convenience to your life. You can use it in various scenes such as aquariums, fish tanks, small fish ponds and markets!

What’s questions about this electric aquarium gravel vacuum cleaner?

Why does this aquarium gravel vacuum not work or stop working?

The Correct Use is Put the Pump in the Water Then Power On, otherwise the pump will not be started. If you have first powered on and then put the pump in the water, the pump will stop working for few seconds, please turn on and off repeatedly to exhaust the air of the pump, then everything back to normal.Please make sure the power socket has electricity and the two wires are connected normally.

Why does the work stop suddenly after a period of time or the suction power is not strong?

The clogging of the motor may cause the motor to stop working, the motor can be disassembled, you can refer to the video in the main picture to disassemble the motor to clean the debris of the propeller inside.The clogging of the filter may cause the motor to stop working, so it is necessary to clean the filter frequently and replace the filter cotton to ensure smooth water flow.


1.Please do Not Put The Pump In The Water After Power On, Cause This Is A Vacuum Gravel Cleaner, If You Powered-On Out Of The Water, It Will Suck Into The Air, And When You Working In The Water, The Air Still Inside The Pump, It Will Stop Working, Please Power Off And Then Power-On In The Water For Few Minutes To Excrete The Air, And Then Everything Will Back To Normal. Of Course, The Correct Use is Put the Pump in the Water Then Power On.

2.If there are aquatic plants on the product, thread-like objects will be wrapped around the impeller, which affects the power. Please note that the motor is easy to disassemble and can be opened for cleaning.

3.Please Watching Our Video if You are Interested in Purchasing Our Products, We have Three Head for Changing the Function of the Pump, Please Do Not Use them In the wrong way.

4.When Using The Pump, Use The Voltage And Frequency Range Shown On The Nameplate Of The Pump.

šŸ ć€Electric Working Principle怑The greater suction power of the all-copper motor in this aquarium gravel cleaner which is used with impeller supercharging technology. Please remember you need to completely submerge the motor in the water first, then press and hold the start button, the impeller starts to perform a powerful work for your fish tank. If your fish tank is relatively small, when the motor is turned on, you can also take out the submerged motor from water to work.
šŸ ć€Filtering and Water Changing Function怑Using the filter housing of this gravel vacuum for aquarium , you can drain clean water directly back to the water tank. The filter material can be cleaned and used multiple times, or it can be replaced with other filter materials. Using a water pipe, water flows directly from the water tank. You can also replace and add water. It is safe to use, equipped with an external independent switch, the adapter is DC 24V, and the power supply is UL certified.
šŸ ć€Easy to Assemble and Use怑Multifunctional fish tank cleaner, which can be disassembled and assembled freely to meet your different needs. The upgraded part is equipped with a handle, which has more operating space and saves labor and brings convenience. The silent design allows you to clean without affecting the fun of the fish. The control tube can be assembled freely, and the main body is 33 inches long, which is suitable for various sizes of fish tanks.
šŸ ć€Wide Application怑Aquarium Vacuum Gravel Cleaner is suitable for various types of fish tanks, with spliced extension tubes, two-stage splicing combination, both large and small tanks are suitable, and extension tube can be installed according to demand. It can be widely used in aquariums, fish tanks, aquatic markets and small fish ponds. Original quality, professional manufacturer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


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