Inkbird Reptile Humidifier Reptiles Mister Snake Terrarium Enclosure Supplies for Vivarium, Humidifier for Grow Tent Plants (Water Capacity: 1 Gallon/4L)

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Power: 110-220 VoltInput: 50/60Hz, Max 27 WattFog outlet: Max380ml/hrSize: 4L/1galPackage Include: Fog Machine x 1 , Hose x 1 , Suction Cup x 2 , User Manual x 1

Basic Operations

1. Place the humidifier on a appropriate surface.

2. Fill the water tank with clean water(See Filling The Water Tank below for more details).

3. Plug in the humidifier to a 220V power source.

4. Rotate the Fog Volume Regulator to turn on the humidifier and adjust the mist level, the indicator light will turn green when the humidifier is powered on.

5. The indicator light will turn red if the tank is out of water.

Filling with the Water Tank

1. Always unplug the unit before removing the Water Tank.

2. Turn the Water Tank upside down and remove the Tank Cap by turning it counter clockwise.

3. Use clean tap water to fill the Water Tank.

4. Screw the Tank Cap back and wipe off the water on the Water Tank.

5. Place the Water Tank on the base and install it correctly


Do not use extremely cold water or water over 40°C as it may damage the humidifier.

The humidifier can be used continuously for 7-12 hours after being filled with water.

Humidity probe

Temperature probe

Maximum Output Load

100 ~240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

100-230Vac 50/60Hz

120Vac, 60Hz, 15A, 1800W

120Vac, 60Hz, 15A, 1800W

Humidity Measurement Range





Sensor Length

2m / 6.56ft

2m / 6.56ft

2m (78.74 in)

2m (78.74 in)

Humidity Display Accuracy





WiFi connected

【4L Large Tank】 The humidifier is equipped with a 4-Liter water tank, one fill allows over 12 hours’ working at the highest mist level, avoids frequently refilling. Comes with 2 suction cups and a 25.2 inches(can be extended to 68.5 inches) long hose.
【Dry-out protection】 The humidifier will stop working when the water tank runs out water, and the indicator light will turn red to remind you to fill the tank, protects the humidifier from burn out.
【Compatible with variety of enclosures】The provided hose can be joined with most vivariums, tanks, cages, terrariums, vision cages, aquariums, or plastic/PVC/glass cages.
【Simple Assembly&Easy Cleaning】 The humidifier comes with a full set of instruction, CE certificated, you can easily assemble and refill the humidifier without mistakes. The water tank is detachable and it is convenient for cleaning.


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