NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light, Full Spectrum LED Fish Tank Light for Freshwater Plants

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Product Description

ClassicLED Plus

Combination of 6500K white LED + blue, red and green LED for the full spectrum of light. The red and blue LEDs helps plant colors “pop” and appear more vivid. The green spectrum is also present to give a balanced visual output.

NICREW ClassicLED Plus for Plants

Nicrew ClassicLED Plus is a high-output LED light with a full spectrum. It includes bright white LEDs that are equivalent to 6,500K illumination, blue moon glows for nighttime viewing and red, green LEDs for enhanced colors. The perfectly coordinated color range promotes the vitality of your fish and ensures optimum plant growth in your aquarium. Single channel timer is optionally available to simulate a gentle sunrise and sunset for your critters.

Beam-angle: 120°

Two modes available: Daylight / Nightlight

Combination of white, blue, red and green LEDs for plant growth

Aluminium profile optimises heat dissipation

Compatible with our Single Channel Timer (sold separately)

Product Highlights

Aluminum Alloy Housing

Featuring a lightweight aluminum alloy shell that’s incredibly durable, structured aluminum profile optimises heat dissipation for longer lifetime of the LEDs.

Full Spectrum LEDs

The full spectrum LEDs offer light output with four colors. which is perfect for plant growth. This light is suitable for medium to high light level plants.

Adjustable Mounting Brackets

The adjustable mounting legs allow for flexibility in fitting the length of aquarium. It fits both rimless and framed aquariums.

Here are some tips to decrease the growth of algae:

1. Keep water changes at about 15 – 20% every other week.

2. Remove nitrates, as this is the primary food source for algae.

3. Keep lights on 8-10 hours per day for planted aquariums.

4. Locate your new aquarium away from direct sunlight to discourage algae growth in the water.

5. Green algae typically occurs when there is too much light in an aquarium, keeping the aquarium away from an unshaded window.

6. Never use sunlight as your light source in an indoor tank. The sun can heat your aquarium and provide strong light, which boosts algae growth.

Fits Aquariums

18” – 24”

18” – 24”

18” – 24”

18” – 24”

18” – 24”

Housing Material







60 White / 12 Blue

90 White / 18 Blue

58 White / 8 Blue / 8 Red / 4 Green

48 White / 16 RGB

48 White /9 Blue / 6 Red


11 W

15 W

15 W

16 W

18 W

PAR@12 in






LUX@12 in







640 lm

1160 lm

850 lm

700 lm

1400 lm


Low-light Plants

Low to medium Plants

Low to high Plants

Low to medium Plants

Low to high Plants

The full-spectrum array combines white, blue, red and green LEDs to be brighter than the most lights, producing a fine-tuned color spectrum for aquatic plants
Adjustable docking mounts provide an easy way for quick adaptability to fit both rimless and framed aquariums length 18 – 24 inch
Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fish and medium-high light level plants
This product is recommended for use over glass or acrylic canopy-covered aquariums


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